New domain, New Style

Heyyy…. bought a new domain last month but couldn’t find time to put new stuff on the site.

So, Today finally got a chance to do that and here I am writing about my new domain.

Actually, I wanted to have myself a domain of my name and what should be there on it wud be nothing but about me, but when you write about yourself what are the things that come into your mind? Your name, work ex, what else?

Well, during this period I came across website named and I really have to say that they are doing a superb job of giving you whatever you want to keep your about me definition complete yet attractive.

So even I created an account and shared my experience dere but hey…wait a minute….what about my new domain which I bought last year, well my new domain also have the same detailed experience which i shared it on dats all I wanted to share.

So guys, Thank you so much for reading my blog and keep writing to me.

C u later guys….. 😉